Structure & Services


Supply Chain

The SC Department is responsible for the supply network of the represented brands and carries out all purchasing and supply actions. At the same time, it is active in exports to EU and Third Countries, covering emerging needs.

It ensures the timely inflow of products either to the company’s own facilities or directly to the customer, with a key focus on full control of the supply chain and ensuring quality and service.

Imports & Exports

– Assignment of shipments, management of import documents, customs clearance, compliance with special import procedures
– Working with suppliers and carriers, ensuring quality & safety standards
– Monitoring of deliveries, execution of orders
– Continuous stock control
– Monitoring & adopting modern supply chain trends in the international trade environment

Products & Suppliers

– Forecasting and planning purchases in collaboration with the Sales and Marketing Department.
– Ensuring product quality specifications and criteria.
– Supply chain data analysis, measurement & monitoring of KPIs
– Monitoring targets and specific agreements with suppliers.

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