ATLANTA SA represents and distributes a selected range of fine products of leading domestic and international companies in the Greek market since 1965. The company’s philosophy is always focused in high quality selection of products, excellent customer service and long-term partnerships with producers.

The specialised staff, the well-organised distribution network and modern facilities contribute decisively to the successful and long-standing presence of the company in the market.


ATLANTA’s approach is based on respect and responsibility towards people, environment and society. The company proudly focuses on taking care of its employees while ensuring a healthy, safe and pleasant working environment. It respects its partners and consumers, building long-term relationships of trust.

Its success is attributed both to the reliability of the relationships it develops as well as the consumer products it distributes. Consistency and integrity are core elements in all its activities, while the main perspective is to satisfy customers while maintaining their consumer loyalty.

Aiming for its name and products to be a guarantee in the market, quality is a priority in the choice of products representing and distributing. It responds to the developments of the modern business environment by adapting its strategy, while investing in the continuous training of its human resources, harmonising with modern technologies and ensuring recognised certifications that guarantee the strict standards it meets.

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