Structure & Services



Our company, having invested throughout the years in infrastructure and equipment, as well as in human resources, has managed to create a dynamic and well-organized sales department. The sales department is considered to be a critical part of the company since the expertise of the team members provides us a competitive advantage in the field of trade.

Key functions

Universal coverage of all Greek regions is achieved through a mixed system that includes specific partnerships per geographical area, with the aim of covering all distribution channels for maximum effect.

The sales department, with a customer-centric philosophy and well-trained personnel, has acquired and maintained excellent market knowledge. The adoption and implementation of modern sales techniques ensure high quality services to customers and partners.


Development of Commercial Policy and Customer Plans


Daily communication with customers.


Execution of Orders


Management of Product Categories for Selected Customers (Category Management)


Monitoring KPIs & Study of New Commercial Concept


Design and Implementation of Promotion Programs (Multibrand & Tailor-made)

Store’s Action Plan

The company’s salespeople – merchandisers on each visit to the points of sale have a specific action plan per store. The highlights of this plan are:

  • Replenishment based on FIFO principle
  • Merchandising
  • Ordering
  • POS material placement
  • Displays/Stands & second point of sales implementation
  • Competition Report
  • OOS report
  • Retail Prices (RSP) report.
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