Structure & Services


Information Technology

The IT department, with a strategic role in the company’s operations, supports a wide range of technological applications at the level of decision-making, planning and implementation. It ensures the uninterrupted operation of systems, the integrity and protection of corporate data, while supporting, encouraging and training employees to adapt smoothly to a constantly evolving technological environment.

ERP, WMS & Business Intelligence

To effectively monitor all company activities, the SAP enterprise resource management system is in production. In addition, an in-house electronic warehouse management system (WMS) has been developed for faster delivery of goods and inventory management. In addition, data and key performance indicators are collected and analysed via the SAP Business Object platform, which make a decisive contribution to decision-making.

Sales force app

The work of salespeople and merchandisers is supported by an app installed on a tablet, for tracking visits and taking orders, as well as for sampling products using an electronic portfolio.

The system has been developed internally by the company and is fully interconnected with SAP, supporting the automatic creation of orders and real-time updates on changes in pricing policy, customer benefits, new products and the availability of each warehouse.

EDI & Electronic Document Exchange

The use of electronic data exchange between our partners using the EDI standard is supported for all messages (receiving orders, sending sales documents and utilisation of price lists) and by all providers operating in Greece.

Equipment & Infrastructure

The company has state-of-the-art computers and modern technological equipment, while applications are executed on virtual servers. The wired PC network supports high speeds and follows the latest standards. It consists of modern active equipment and includes copper and fiber optic sections as required. The wireless network is designed to cover the entire facility for communication of PCs, mobile phones and warehouse equipment, and supports the latest communication protocols for greater security. Interconnection to the internet is implemented with high-speed communication line (200mbps) and backup (60mbps).

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